Emotion Code Session

Trapped emotions manifest in countless ways. This can be physical with pain, discomfort, etc or emotional with anxiety, sadness etc. In the emotion code sessions, emotions are released specifically targeting your symptoms. 3-4 sessions are often required.

Heart Wall Removal Session

Most of us have experienced some form of heartache in our life. It’s not an enjoyable feeling and sometimes, in an effort to protect you, your body will build a heart wall to protect it from being totally broken. Most people unknowingly have a heart wall.  This can result in a number of emotional effects: your ability to give and receive love freely, depression, numbness, a sense of isolation, anxiety, self sabotage, success. It may also result in physical effects: neck pain, shoulder pain, upper back pain, lower your immunity, etc.  Heart walls are removed one emotion at a time and usually require 3-4 sessions.

Money & Abundance Session

If you are struggling in this area, more than likely there are trapped emotions involved. Just as removing trapped emotions can help with your relationships with other people, removing trapped emotions can help with your relationship with money and success. 3-4 sessions are suggested as we focus on you becoming 100% aligned with your money goals.

Weight Loss Session

Is it safe for you to lose weight?
Is there anything blocking you from losing weight?
Do you deserve to have the body you desire?

Your body wants to protect you and sometimes that means keeping you from losing weight. You may say you’re ready but trapped emotions may be communicating something else. 3-4 sessions are suggested as your subconscious and conscious become aligned.

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